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 Hello Guy's

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PostSubject: Hello Guy's   Hello Guy's EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 5:26 am

1. NickName ingame:Aureliawtf
2. Name:Tomek
3. Age:16
4. Country :Poland
5. How many hours u play daily: 3/6 hours day
6. Can you be online on sieges (Saturday/Sunday): yes
7. In what clans you was before, why left :I did not have other clan's
8. Do you have MIC/TeamSpeak2(YOU MUST ENTER AND LISTEN EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE MIC)/English skills to be able speak free in TS2(IF YOU HAVE MIC): yes i have Mic and TS2 and i little speaking for enhlish
9. What items you have: Dark Crystal Robe set +6/am+7+acu/Tatos set +7/tato Right Ic shield +5
10. Nobless:No
11. Class:SH/PS
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PostSubject: Re: Hello Guy's   Hello Guy's EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 5:36 am

sh/ps is more for farm, we need ppl for pvp more, we need other chars, sry
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Hello Guy's
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