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 hey all

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hey all Empty
PostSubject: hey all   hey all EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 11:10 pm

I'd like to join you clan dudes here I post you my answers:
1. NickName ingame ?
2. Name ?
3. Age ?
4. Country ?
5. How many hours u play daily ? -
Depending on the fact that if I have or not classes I could play from 3 to 10 hours :PPP
6. Can you be online on sieges (Saturday/Sunday) ? -
I think I would have a priblem on saturdays cuz I have classes as well, I will log at least for half of the siege anyway, and on Sundays yep I think I'm available all day Smile
7. In what clans you was before, why left ? -
Actually I don't remember plenty of them cuz I came back to arena a few days ago after 5 months, but I remember zulu and GW, I left from zulu because they weren't an active clan and I got bored, and from GW because there are a lot of preferences in that clan I think, only friends are privileged and that sux, besidesI never liked it Razz
8. Do you have MIC/TeamSpeak2*aka ventrilo*(YOU MUST ENTER AND LISTEN EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE MIC)/English skills to be able speak free in TS2(IF YOU HAVE MIC) ? -
mmm I don't have the program but I think I can download it np, and referring to speaking I think I can get the orders pretty well, I'm an English teacher btw XD, ofc as long as we speak mostly ENGLISH in clan
9. What items you have ? -
am+a+5+clarity lv 3, DNET robe set+4, tatteo set+6 and orfen+4, tattoo of the mage emp, and soon arena shield (I'm on trading my arena shield+6 for dark elves if some1 wants it XD)
10. Nobless ? -
Actually I only need barakiel, I was hoping you guys help me out with that.
11. Class ? -
Nope, I'm just a dude who wants to join your clan, and a pretty good healer btw XD.

Ok guys that's it I hope I take your answer and reclutation soon cuz, for the record, there's not much a bp/wk can do alone, and besides I'd llike some fun action XDDD, GL and cya!!
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hey all
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